HAIR BY TERESA "Healthy Hair and Extensions Co Existing" T.Williams 

This website was designed by a licensed stylist, professionally trained in designing, attatching ( I APPLY LACE FRONTS), maintaining, removing and coloring LACE FRONT HAIR SYSTEMS. I search the web often and what I have found is that many sites rely on pictures and images of celebrities to sell their product, leading you to believe that your getting an exact replica of what you see on that celeb. The truth is you are the celebrity and your hair system should be designed and custom to fit you by a licensed professional.  All pictures on this site are my real clients so what you see is what you get. I do not sell hairline pieces or closures separate from my services, however WIGS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!. Consultations are very important so if your ready to make your dreams of georgeous hair a reality take the next step and contact me. I'd be happy to hear from you!!!



Hair Show 2010 ( hair & make up by Teresa Williams)



Cuticle Indian Remy Hair (Very High Quality)

Cuticle Indian Remy Hair